Registration Process

Registration Flow Overview

Registration Flow

NDA Flow

Membership Upgrade Flow

1. Account Registration

1.1. Registration Link


1.2. Registration Form

  • Fill up the form and click on Create New Account to register.

Registration Form

1.3. Registration Notification

  • Your account will be processed and you will receive the email notification about pending approval.
  • Once your account is activated, you will receive email notification about account approval and a one time link to set your password.

2. Account Approved and Non-Disclosure Agreement

2.1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • After you have activated your account, log into the system and click on Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Download and submit the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreeement

2.2. After NDA Submission

  • Your NDA will be processed after submission.
  • Once the processing is completed, you will be assigned Silver Level Membership.
  • Email notification will be sent to inform you that you have been assigned Silver Level Membership.

3. Membership Upgrade

3.1. Gold Level Membership

  • After you are granted Silver Level Membership, log into the site. Click on Membership and select Membership Upgrade/Renewal.
  • Submit the Membership Upgrade request.

Membership Overview

Membership Upgrade Form

3.2. After Membership Upgrade Submission

  • DSP team will contact you regarding Gold Level Membership payment process.
  • After payment process is completed, you will be granted with Gold Level membership.